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This Software is very easy to use. The information that is recorded must be reviewed from the monitored computer but you can choose to receive the information through email by paying more than the base price. is my top choice, I highly recommend it for it's complete monitoring capability. They also have excellent customer support, 24/7. You can call them anytime for any support you may need with the software.

Spector Pro. Records: -emails -chats -websites visited -Myspace activities & things searched on google/search engines -Typed keystrokes and files transferred -Screen shot recording -Website blocking; can block any websites that you don't want your kids to get access to. -You can also block individuals that you don't want to chat with your kids -You can use spector pro to restrict access to the Internet, this can usually be done on those days that you don't want your kids to access or surf the Internet.

- has a super Stealth Mode. This is to make sure that this software is active all the time and no one can disable it except you.

This software cannot be noticeable either, It's very easy to use and even though at the price of $99. 95 it's perceived as expensive, you won't regret if you buy it. This is a quality product,easy to use with professional stealth and 24/7 customer support. to buy for $99. 95                                                           Or  For more information and our detailed review about Spector Pro.

, how to manage tasks 5 Price: $69.

95 Click Here to View Our Detailed Review is a nice software but most users find it a not easy program to use. This software can be described among the best at the moment. SpyAgent can both be used in monitoring and filtering the internet. This is a very powerful software and it can be uneasy to use for some people.

SpyAgent’s settings can be a little challenging but comparing SpyTech SpyAgent  with IamBigBrother and PC Tattletale soft-wares, It's by far superior. SpyAgent is a mojor competitor is the field of Internet monitoring and filtering. If you think settings cannot be a challenge for you, then SpyAgent is for you. SpyAgent outperforms IamaBigBrother and Pc Tattletale without question.

SpyAgent is a quality package for computer monitoring and filtering.

This is what SpyAgent can do for you:  -It can track all keywords that are typed on your computer. -Records Websites visited by the user and chat conversations too. -Email delivery for remote monitoring from afar/sends activity logs through email  -You can disable spy ware detectors using SpyAgent  -SpyAgent is able to run in Total Stealth mode. The person using the computer can't notice SpyAgent. SpyTech SpyAgent can be used in many ways like computer monitoring, employee monitoring, spousal monitoring, Parental control (monitoring & filtering), Internet monitoring and content filtering.

They have a free trial with immediate download if you would like you can give it a shot. Spytech SpyAgent costs $ 69.

, project management features 95. is am amazing monitoring software. eBlaster will send you all the monitored information through an email, you don't have to retrieve on your computer like some other soft wares.

Lets say you kid receives an email from a stranger, eBlaster will send you that email copy within minutes. Same thing, if your kid sends a reply, you will receive the exact same copy to your e-mail send by eBlaster. records all chats, emails, Instant messages, websites visited by your kids, the keystrokes typed and peer-to-peer files downloaded plus logon and logoff activity. All these will be send to your email in a detailed report form. You choose the time and duration that you would like to receive your detailed reports.

To me, this is a must have software. eBlaster has a good interface and you can receive customer support too. eblaster has a special offer for $99. 95, their regular price is $149. 95.

To Order eblaster at a special offer  or  For more information you can   Click Here To See Our Detailed Review -This software is basically intended for parental monitoring. Emails-incoming and ongoing emails can be monitored and recorded. This software can show you all your child is doing online.

This would be my least recommended because it lt lacks some important functions that are important when you are monitoring your kid. With IamBigBrother Software you cab Monitor the following programs: -Instant messages/I'm -Chatrooms -Profiles -Screen Names & Passwords -MSN,yahoo,hotmail & Aol -The Websites your kid visit -Keystrokes logged like at   runs without interfering with your Pc's speed and it has a stealth mode that helps it run by default.

, your PC users cannot know if you have this software except you. This can be a good software for parents who just want monitor their kids online. software is simple and easy to navigate,decent but weak software compared to it's competitors. They don't offer phone support and it's expensive with web-based access. It can also be expensive since they charge you a monthly fee after you purchase the software ( around $10 monthly)because at the end run, you could end up spending alot for this software.

Another characteristic that I like about IamBigBrother is the fact that you can access the information recorded or monitored from a different computer.

To Get More Information or To Order IamBigBrother Rated: 4. 2 /5 Price: $49. 95 Click Here For Our Detailed Review offers a complete Internet monitoring and parental control software solution for parents. This is a single easy to use software that is very simple to Install.

. . like a piece of cake. Parents who have used this software have been impressed with it.

Cloud collaboration market, it's amazing that you can be able to use this software at Two PC's for one price.

This software does offer a substantial safeguard for your children by allowing you to monitor their online activities. come with 30 day moneyback guarantee. This is my best recommendation because it offers alot more value in one affordable price than it's competators that are sold as twice as Pc tattletale. Here is the value of Pctattletale: - chat and, dashboard task manager, instant message monitoring - It captures screenshots - Records all keystrokes not limited to passwords and hidden keystrokes including sites like myspace and facebook passwords. - It monitors emails, both incoming and outgoing emails.

- Website blocking/specific URLs blockingAny website that you don't want your kid to visit,you can block it. This is generally web filtering.

Websites and Program used recordings. - Pc Tattletale operates in an Invisible Stealth Mode, that means it won't appear On your computer's menu. So in general you besically get two things with Pc Tattletale software.

1. Internet Filtering and      2. Internet Monitoring  I recommend because it gives more value at a cheap price. You can be able to monitor your kids and at the same time filter/block websites that you don't want them to access. To Order PcTattletale For Only $49.

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